easyJet Flying High

easyJetThere does seem to be no pleasing the founder of easyJet, that of course being Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, for whilst he and his family are still major share holders in this budget airline, having stepped down from running the company a number of years ago he is always badger those in charge for a much bigger share dividend!

He has received some good news recently for easyJet have just announced that they are to increase the share after tax profit which is being used to fund the share dividend payout from 33 percent up to 40 percent, and as such he is likely to see a £10 million share dividend coming his way very soon.

However, he is still bemoaning the way the company is being run, and having just been told that easyJet are to exercise their right to purchase and additional 27 new aircraft, he is stating that is a waste of money as the European market is at capacity and as any new routes that those new aircraft will be flying to will be unproven routes his is letting anyone who cares to listen that there is too any risks involved in expanding the fleet or aircraft and opening new routes into and out of unknown and unproven destinations.

He is of course hoping that those 27 aircraft orders are cancelled and if they are, which is highly unlikely to happen, he and his family will get an even bigger dividend payout, which is as always looking for!

This increase in the share dividend for 33 percent up to 40 percent would have seen last year’s £133 million that was handed to share holders via the dividend, becoming a much larger £159 million share out.

The new aircraft that easyJet have exercised their right to buy are 27 Airbus A320’s which they should take delivery of sometime between 2015 and 2018. These new aircraft have the added benefit of reducing the cost per seat by around 8 percent as opposed to the A319 Airbuses that easyJet have been operating, so despite Sir Stelios bemoaning this investment, anything that reduces the cost per seat is going to have a positive effect on bottom line profit, as long as those seats get filled

Anyone with an interest in Binary Options who may be looking around for some trading opportunities should therefore consider easyJet as a possible investment opportunity, for with share dividends up, new planes on the horizon and the simple fact that the flying public like everything there is to like about this major budget Airline then the company a as whole may be worth investigating and investing in.

The news of the increased share dividend and the new order for aircraft has already had a positive effect on the share price of easyJet and since the news was released their share grow by 6 percent, and those in the know are convinced there is still more movement upward sin that share price to come in the not too distant future.