Indices Fall following Bad Corporate Data

Indices fallAsian Markets were mixed throughout the early session and its tech stocks were trading low with giants like Samsung and Nintendo falling by 6.5% and 3.7% respectively due to the unexpected data of incomes and sales. The Asian indices have been affected by the potential interest rate increase by the US Federal Reserve and investors were optimistic as the US GDP data came out better than what was expected. Investors may strongly believe that the US GDP data will promote the demand for Asian goods. Yesterday, the Hang Seng closed with a gain of 0.1%, the Nikkei closed down 0.16% and the ASX 200 closed high by 0.18%.

In Europe, the mixed CPI data for the Eurozone caused the European markets to be traded poorly and this further kept the European equities on a downward trend resulting from the unexpected data from

Addidas as well as the imposed sanctions on Russia due to its ongoing conflicts with Ukraine. Whilst the investors are processing all the bearish data, the Eurozone markets will continue on its downward trend. Meanwhile, the FTSE is down 0.31%, the Stoxx 30 is down 1.33%, and the DAX is down 1.51%.

The US stocks were down due to poor performances from Exxon Mobile and Whole Foods and this caused the investors to be pessimistic on trading private sectors. The Argentinian government, one of the largest Latin America’s economies, has been reported to have missed a debt payment and this has caused investors to worry about its economic health. The American indices have resulted on a downward pressure and its equities continue to decline. The Nasdaq is down 1.27%, the S&P is down 1.01%, and the Dow is down 0.90%.